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It’s FAR from Monday.

So while last week’s efforts to plan the meals was stellar, execution lacked. I found myself pooped after three nights of cooking (and working and doing other mom things) and ordered pizza Thursday night from here, we went out Saturday night (and had some great Kara-age Ramen here), and fell back on to the mac ‘n cheese crutch Sunday night.

I also didn’t take into account that I would have leftovers coming out of my eyeballs.

So, better late than never here’s this week’s plan:

Date night #1 – Muse concert (yay!) (link to one of my faves)- Grandma babysat, so dinner was taken care of.

Polenta Bake with Asparagus, Simple Salad, with Fish Sticks/Chicken Nuggets for the kidlets.

Southwest Skillet Pie – recipe from an early issue of Everyday Food.

Date night #2 – Sketchfest at Nightlife – so I plan to pick up teriyaki bowls for the kids & babysitter.

Dinner with friends at home – two kinds of quiches, “simple” salad, and a “fun” dessert.

Slow cooker chile verde, with brown rice, and beans

Har-bowl! Go Niners!


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2 Responses to “Meal Planning (Not Quite) Monday”

  • Kristen Says:

    The Southwest Skillet pie sounds intriguing. Do the kids eat it? Have a recipe to share?


    P.S. Two date nights in one week! Jealous.

  • kvr Says:

    Two date nights in one week is unheard of. We’ve actually surpassed our quarterly quota so we won’t be going out again until April. 🙂

    Kids do eat it – I make it on the milder side for them. Think Shepherd’s Pie with a biscuit topping. Because it’s an old recipe, it’s not on Martha Stewart’s website – I’ll try and send it to you soon!

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