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As some of you may have already seen on my FB page, meal planning was very…uninspired this week. If I plan for take-out three days in a row – it’s still a plan, no?

Combine a crazy week (Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday, AND Valentine’s Day) with this calorie counting I’m doing – I’ve got to plan carefully. Very carefully.

Monday was originally supposed to be meatless Monday. Actual, was far from it. (I figured with Ash Wednesday and the first Friday of Lent – we’ll have two meatless meals this week.) I ended up finally making the Baked Apricot Mustard chicken with green beans. Though my kids ate it, they kept asking, “Is that all? What else are you making?”

Mardi Gras. Plan was for slow-cooker red beans & rice and king cake to follow. Almost there. Instead, we had dirty rice – which the kids LOVED! (No king cake, unfortch.)

Ash Wednesday. Though we are not practicing Catholics, I still adhere to a few of the rules. But because, I didn’t plan for tonight, we’re ordering sushi. Oh, and king cake.

Valentine’s Day. Meat. In a big way, too. Some sort of steak – Florentine-style or a filet mignon – with potatoes & broccoli. And because it is Valentine’s Day – chocolate fondue for dessert. (Thank you to Mrs. A, for the idea…) The Husband was trying to justify both a cheese fondue and a chocolate fondue, but I think that may be a bit much.

First Friday of Lent. Fish. Either a miso-glazed whitefish or baked salmon.

Late swim class, so a night out likely. Kara-age ramen sounds good…again…with the weather being so chilly lately.

Easy, peasy chile verde with rice and beans.

I am SO looking forward to the short work week next week it’s not even the slightest bit funny.

But first, I need to get through the brilliant idea of crafty Valentines.

I bought this kit at Paper Source – the best store EVER – thinking it might be a nice project that Peanut could work on for her class. I was blind to the fact this task may end up in my lap as it did/will. Good thing I’ve got wine and two episodes of Downton Abbey to catch up on tonight. I guess I’m not giving up alcohol for Lent.

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