Random bits of life

So, I think I’m finally recovered from a devastating Super Bowl loss – looking forward to next year though!

I’ve come to accept that, even though I meal plan and I may not even follow through with the plan (I was 2 for 5 last week, excluding the 2 date nights) – it prevents me from (most of the time) buying unnecessary stuff at the grocery store. Less waste – yay!

Starting Monday, I’ve also started keeping a food journal on the My Fitness Pal app. I’d say I’m A LOT more conscious of what I’m eating and checking labels like no tomorrow. Their food database is quite extensive – they have even the nutrition facts for the freshly ground peanut butter we buy!

I had to take it to extremes because the jeans just are not fitting like they used to. Sad. So the exercise routine is being bumped up to several times a week and I’m looking to get back with my endorphin dealer next week.

So the plan for this week is/was:

The frittatas I was supposed to make Friday, I made Monday. Two frittatas/crust-less quiches with sauteed leeks, cremini mushrooms, and pancetta. Froze one of them for either lunch or dinner later this week.

We had a last minute dinner guest – so we ordered Thai…again.

Take two for the skillet pie – thank goodness for freezers!

I think Thursday will have to be a leftover night.

Take two for the Apricot-Mustard Baked Chicken

Not sure yet – might go out – we get out of swim SO late!

Either a pasta carbonara or spaghetti with tomato sauce.

What’s cooking with you this week?

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