Random bits of life

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I miss writing here. I really, really miss writing here. It’s not for lack of topics – because, boy you me, there is a lot of shizz to write about.

We, well, I’ve gotten myself caught up in the world of insta-tweet-booking, or more accurately, stalking celebrity chefs (ahem, Tyler Florence) who are insta-tweet-booking and so forth.

I briefly had the lofty goal of reinventing this space, really focusing on a topic, area of interest. But, really, that wouldn’t be reflective of me (or anyone really) – because, yes, I am that random…and got gobbled up by life.

So, in the last 18 months:

*we’ve done the (partial) summer in Europe thing – which has been fabuleuse!
*the youngest has graduated from day care and will be starting first grade this coming Fall – what the what?!
*Sonoma Raceway is quickly becoming a second home for us – #teamhelloclarice (see the 24 hours of LeMons)
*orthodontics made an early appearance in our lives
*I’ve become a soccer mom in theworst way – and am having flashbacks to my own elementary sports nightmares
*the kids have been introduced to winter sports – and I am skiing again after almost 15 years! Ski boots are still very uncomfortable.
*I’ve trained for and completed a half-marathon – woot!

Here’s to hoping that I’ll be back here before the 18 month mark…

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