Random bits of life

Since my blogging comeback was nil to non-existent, I’m going to yet again, try my best and jot down five things about my day. Five things. How hard can that be? (Famous last words…)

{1} Today was the day after the LFSF annual fundraising gala. Money spent = money raised. One jagermeister shot too many. My world stopped spinning late this morning.

{2} Preschool application for Ringo is due this coming week. Am so not ready for this.

{3} In the process of cleaning up I found out that in the course of the year, Peanut shot up almost 4 inches! But she only gained two pounds.

{4} Alabama Shakes – Un concert a emporter…my favorites!

{5} Peanut has received her first overdue notice for a library book at school. I partially tore apart the house looking for this book. I’m convinced it’s NOT in the house – but who knows, she has a tendency to “spirit” things away.

Bring in Romo

Taken post-World Series win at AT&T park at the Bay Area Science Fair

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  • Kristen Says:

    If you find either of Tyler’s missing library books (which we also swear are not in the house), be sure to let us know. Its driving us crazy, having searched several times.

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