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The first day of school is nearing and I cannot hardly wait for my “summer vacation” to begin! Schedules and scheduled activities – yes! No more worrying about what to do with the kid/s on certain days – though, we’ve had a wonderful relative stay with us this past month to watch the kids. Since our relative doesn’t drive, they’ve been public transporting it around this past month. My daughter is now the public transportation expert – she’s got her own Clipper card and, I think, has a pretty good idea of which bus lines will get her home. Fabulous.

So, seeing where we left off…

*In early April, The Husband and I, along with friends, took a FABULOUS vacation to Italy. Tuscany & the Italian Riviera, to be slightly more precise. Florence is just absolutely breathtaking – by far, my most favorite city. Well, it gives Paris a run for its euro. The weather was a bit to be desired – gray, cloudy, rainy – but the food, the wine, the sites, the markets, the shopping, ahem Prada OUTLET, were all wonderful and I am hoping I am able to return to this region again.

with blossoms in tact, too!

*After a failed attempt at the mud run last Fall, I was determined to make a comeback. I was still training with a trainer twice a week, though not really running at all. Have I told you how much I do not like running? Ugh. Despite all that, I still signed The Husband and I up for the Bay to Breakers. I am embarassed to say that this was the first year I participated in the run. It was great fun – even though it’s not quite the B2B of yesteryears – and I look forward to doing it next year, too! Oh, so The Husband backed out and I ran it with my brother. Seeing that I had not run in preparation for this race, I gave myself a realistic goal of finishing within two hours. Even though I walked most, if not all, of the Hayes Street Hill – I exceeded my goal, by 15 minutes! Phew!

*The next couple weeks were busy with a quick getaway to Sea Ranch, end of school activities, and a festive send off for friends who have moved to Vietnam.

*We all know that famous Mark Twain quote about winter, summer, and San Francisco…so, to give my kids a real “summer” experience, we flew out to Minneapolis to visit friends. Boy, did they experience summer alright! We happened to arrive in the midst of a heat wave! (Try temperatures in the high 80s/low 90s at 5pm!) We managed to survive and enjoy ourselves a lot! Plus, it was great to see our kids get along and play together! This was my second time visiting Minneapolis. I didn’t think that I would like it, but it’s a great city, very family, kid-friendly, and lots to do. Now, about those mosquitos…

*After Minneapolis, the kids and I met The Husband in Chicago. It was just as hot there as it was in Minnesota, minus the mosquitos. I just about doomed myself as I walked Peanut into the American Girl store on Michigan Avenue. Thankfully, Grandma was with us and subsidized Peanut’s need for a starter doll and starter outfit. Peanut went for a “historical” doll named Ruthie. Though not a “main” doll, Ruthie is BFFs with Kit, who is a “main” doll – both girls are growing up during The Great Depression. Peanut has started to take Ruthie out with her. Who’d’ve thought that Ruthie would enjoy wakame, edamame, soba, and udon at Mifune?

*So, as we’re wrapping up yet another fun summer – I am realizing, yet, again, how much my kids listen and understand. There have been two instances where my six-year old AND my two-and-a-half-year old have corrected me on the lyrics for the annoyingly, addictive song by Carly Rae Jepsen.

“No, mommy, it’s ‘try to chase me’!” -Peanut

“Mommy, it’s ‘call me, maybe! not baby.'” -Ringo

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  • Kristen Says:

    Totally have to laugh. We (and by we I mean not Bob) were super into the Carly Rae song. Thankfully, my kids are as bad as lyrics as I am. It was also so cute to catch R. singing it from the backseat, even when it wasn’t on the radio.

    Happy end of summer.

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