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This is my laptop wallpaper- a lavender field in Provence. I’ve been spending a lot of time with my laptop so far this year – and it’s only the first week of January – and the most of the last couple months of 2011. Without going into detail – work has been adequately kicking my ass and then some.

I was hoping to relax over the holiday break – but alas, Ringo brought home the stomach flu for Christmas and it slowly knocked us out, one by one. Did I tell you we also had family arriving that night? So much for an uneventful evening of gingerbread house decorating.

We all recovered just in time for Christmas and I was on a cooking & baking frenzy Christmas Eve. That evening, we had my family’s Christmas gathering, or as I remember it, when gifts threw up on my kids. Seriously. Watching them open present after present after present, I was just mortified. Where the heck are we going put all this stuff?! Ringo just had a birthday, too. Thomas the Train and Cars had literally taken over our house. Along with Barbie, Ken, horses, and Disney princesses. I was hoping for more 529 contributions, alas, there were none. Memo to family: acceptable future gifts will only be 529 contributions.

So the New Year is here and, writing out loud, here are some of my proposed goals for 2012:

1. Take better care of myself – physically, mentally, emotionally
2. Be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend I can be – not too difficult, I am pretty rad already….JOKE!
3. Actually weigh the weight that’s on my driver’s license – this keeps rolling over from year to year and has morphed from wedding day weight – which would require me to really just starve myself – to driver’s license weight
4. Uh, finish the mud run this year sans injury
5. Rethink the job situation – what this would include, I don’t know just yet. Door-to-door, I work 38 miles from home. 38! In the event of a zombie apocalypse or other disaster, I am the only one in the family down in Silly Valley. 38 miles is a long way to evade zombies and, sadly, I don’t keep a cross bow under my desk.
6. Take more photos with a real camera – not a smart phone camera. This will be challenging as I am slightly addicted to Instagram. See photo above.
7. Blog more? Well, we saw how well that went last time.

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